Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Review: Likely Story by David Van Etten

Name: Likely Story

Author: Chris Van Etten, David Ozanich, and David Leviathan (making it David Van Etten )

Genre: Young Adult Fiction,Love and Romance

This is the story of a teen girl "Mallory Hayden " who has enough on her plate.A soap opera queen as a mother who shows no affection whatsoever to be qualified as a mother. No one as a father figure.Her personal life is a definite mess.The few comforts that her life does offer are through her best friend Amelia and Gina who is her mother's assistant, who has always been more of a mother figure for her. And her bf Keith who is as illegal as it can get.She is his second gf,with her first gf not even having a clue to Mallory's existence.

Ok people I don't wanna tell you the whole of the story over here.So I won't be delving any deeper,except a point that when she blogs about her mother's melodramatic soap opera and blabbers about a new concept on her blog, it is taken up by her mother's channel,making her the creator and producer of her own show.And then her life changes, for better or for worse that is for the reader to discover.

Honestly,When I started the book I had no clue that this book had sequels,so I was quite perplexed when I noticed the last page.It's definitely not as predictable as I thought it might be or maybe I'll need to read the sequels to comment on that part.I'm interested in getting my hands on the other parts. At first I thought I read or was reading a novel but after completing it ,it feels more like having read the prologue of an interesting book.There is definitely a lot of depth to the story and many loose ends,I'm sure the other parts are an interesting read as well.

Rating: ***.5

Release Date: March 9, 2010


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